Tips For Hiring The Best Wedding DJ, Part 2

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Tips For Hiring The Best Wedding DJ, Part 2

In Part 1 of this article, we discussed the four "categories" of wedding DJs available for your wedding. We also reviewed the three overview questions you must first answer.

Now, let's match these two groups up. Based on each of the three questions, I've outlined how each category of DJ will work. This will give you great guidance into selecting which style of DJ service will be the best fit for your wedding. Enjoy!

How Extravagant/Upscale would you consider your wedding to be?

Obviously, this consideration is a matter of personal opinion. A $10,000 wedding budget can be considered very upscale to one person, and could be the price of the wedding dress to another. Honestly compare your budget to averages in the area. A great resource for average wedding budgets in your specific area can be located here.

For High-End/Upscale Weddings:
For Mid-Range Wedding Budgets:
When Budget Is Your Biggest Concern:

Is Quality Or Price More Important To You?

There's an old saying that rings especially true for wedding DJ services... "Price, quality, service. Pick two." Of course, we all want the best quality, and the best service, and don't want to pay for it. Obviously, we also know it's not an option. So, you'll need to determine how important price vs. quality is for you and your wedding DJ.

If You Feel Quality Far Outweighs Price:
If Price Is More Important Than Quality:
If You're Looking For A Good Mix Of Price and Quality:

How Much Time Before Your Wedding Date?

Time plays a big factor in selecting the best DJ for your wedding. Not only for you, but for the DJ as well. Certain styles of DJ services are accustomed to different things. The Lone Ranger DJ, for example, rarely gets a wedding gig planned a year out. They don't need that much time because they basically grab speakers, show up, and "wing it". An agency or wedding planner, on the opposite, wouldn't be able to provide the full quality service they offer with 2 month's notice.

If Your Wedding is 9+ Months Away:
If Your Wedding is 4-9 Months Away:
If Your Wedding Is Less Than 4 Months Away...

Now, based on your answers, you know which style of DJ service will work best for you. The next step is asking the proper questions to ensure you select the best DJ for your wedding.

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