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It's your special day. A day filled with love, joy, and memories to last a lifetime. Trust Fired Up Entertainment to provide the leading sound, lighting, and emcee services for your wedding. Based in Waynesboro, PA and Hagerstown, MD... we service the local tri-state area. Contact us today if you need a wedding DJ in Frederick, Martinsburg, Thurmont, Shippensburg, Gettysburg, Boonsboro, Greencastle, or any city in between.

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    Our proprietary planning approach ensures all details for you wedding DJ needs are covered.

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  • Providing music for your wedding ceremony.

    Wedding Ceremony DJ

    If you're looking for a DJ to provide music and sound for your wedding ceremony, Fired Up Entertainment is your best selection for DJ's in the region. We can provide an elegant, light selection of prelude music to be played prior to the ceremony... as guests are entering. We can also provide completely customized processional music, bridal entrance songs, recessional music, and postlude songs.

    Additionally, we provide wired and wireless microphone services that can be used during the ceremony announcements. Whether your having an indoor or outdoor wedding ceremony, Fired Up Entertainment provides the wedding DJ services you've been searching for.

    Call us today at (866) 479-0500 to discuss the DJ needs for your wedding!

  • Wedding party entrance announcements to the reception.

    Wedding Party - Reception Entrances

    While it's typical to introduce the parents, bridal party, and bride/groom as they enter the reception area... how it happens can vary greatly.

    For some weddings, a simple name introduction is the preference. For others, customized entrance songs for each party are preferred. Others, still, take the reception entrances to a whole new level. Choreographed bridal party dances and routines have become quite the rage. With Fired Up Entertainment, trust that your preferred approach to entrances will be delivered!

    Call Fired Up Entertainment today at (866) 479-0500. Let's make your wedding entrance one to set the tone for the reception!

  • Music for the dinner/cocktail hour of your wedding reception.

    Cocktail Hour / Dinner Music

    When looking for the best DJ for your wedding, a key to their level of professionalism comes from the style and levels of music they play. During a cocktail hour and/or dinner, the music is (and shouldn't be) the focus. Your guests will be chatting with each other. The music should be played at a low "background" level. Fired Up Entertainment knows this very well, and ensures a level of music where your guests will be comfortable talking without straining to hear each other.

  • Toasts and speeches for your wedding reception - using our wireless microphones.

    Wedding Speeches

    Speeches and toasts are a traditional party of the wedding reception. With our service, we include our wireless microphone systems for these speeches to be made with. This ensures all guests can clearly hear the speech.

  • Cutom dances for your wedding reception. From the first dance, to father/daugher and mother/groom dances.

    Wedding Dances

    Dances at the wedding reception are a cornerstone of the event. From the bride & groom's first dance, to all combinations of bridal party and family dances... Fired Up Entertainment provides the crisp, beautiful music you'll want to hear. Our proprietary wedding DJ planner system allows you to signify which dances you're looking to have, which song's to play for those dances, and even provides popular song recommendations.

  • Great cake cutting songs for your wedding reception.

    Cake Cutting Ceremony

    You'll likely have a cake-cutting ceremony during your wedding reception. Need a song recommendation? Our wedding DJ planner system can provide over 50 popular cake cutting songs for your special moment!

  • Garter toss at the wedding reception.

    Garter Toss

    Like the cake cutting ceremony, the garter toss is a fundamental part of the traditional wedding reception. Use our unique planning system to find dozens of popular songs to play during the garter toss.

  • The bouquet toss.

    Bouquet Toss

    Like the cake cutting and garter toss ceremonies, the bouquet toss is another traditional part of your wedding reception. Originating in England, the bouquet toss signified "good luck" to the single, unmarried females attending.

  • dancing and partying at the reception.

    Party Time!

    The ceremony is over. Your guests are fed, and enjoying the company of others. Don't let this be the time that guests start to leave. Fired Up Entertainment guarantees that your wedding will be a memory that lasts a lifetime!

    Our superior dance floor lighting and uplighting services create an atmosphere of fun that will get your guests on the dance floor!

  • Last dance between the bride and groom.

    Last Dance

    The last dance of the evening has a truly special meaning. It signifies the end of an evening, and the beginning of a new life for the bride and groom. With Fired Up Entertainment, you'll feel comfortable knowing the song that has the appropriate meaning for your wedding will be the last song played.

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