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Planning a party for an upcoming birthday, anniversary, get-together, holiday, or celebration? Fired Up Entertainment is the leading party DJ in the PA/MD/WV area. Providing the best in music, sound. lighting, and entertainment... we'll help make your party one to remember! We service all of the local tri-state area... including Frederick, Hagerstown, Waynesboro, Greencastle, Martinsburg, Clear Spring, Chambersburg, Gettysburg, Shippensburg, and all areas in between!

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  • DJ for an anniversary party - in Frederick, MD

    DJ For Anniversary Parties

    You made it! You're celebrating everything from 5, 10, 20, 25, even 50 year anniversaries. These milestones deserve an anniversary party to remember. Depending on what year anniversary you are celebrating, the music selection will be a crucial element to the happiness of your guests, as well as the celebratory couple.

    Trust Fired Up Entertainment to be the best choice to DJ your anniversary party. Our vast music library (over 80,000 songs) ranges from today's hits back to the 1940's... even international music!

    If your party is located in the MD/PA/WV area, please contact us! Our proprietary party DJ planning ensures you get the best music, the best lighting, and the best entertainment and emcee services based on your specific desires.

    Call us today at (866) 479-0500 to discuss the DJ needs for your anniversary party!

  • Birthday party DJ - in Williamsport, MD

    Birthday Party DJ

    Birthday parties are a great time to celebrate! From ages 30 to 80 - Fired Up Entertainment knows how to make a birthday party fun and entertaining for your guests. Depending on your attendees, you'll want to find a birthday party DJ that has the ability to adapt their music, style, and services to your needs. Playing the latest club music at grandpa's 80th birthday party may not be the best matchup. Get down grandpa!

    If you're looking for a DJ that can customize the music to the crowd attending the party, Fired Up Entertainment is your best choice in MD, PA, or WV. Our vast music library of 80,000+ song titles ensures we'll have the music you'll want to hear. Perhaps a selection of top hits from the year the birthday lady/gentleman was born in? A fantastic idea that everyone will love.

    From music, to lighting, and entertainment. Call Fired Up Entertainment today at (866) 479-0500. Let us help make this birthday party one to remember!

  • A sweet 16 birthday party - in Falling Waters, WV

    Sweet 16 Party DJ

    You're baby is growing up. While bittersweet, celebrating this milestone is something she'll remember for a lifetime. Ensure your sweet 16 birthday party is a hit - contact Fred Up Entertainment Today.

    In most cases, many parents simply want to throw a celebration for their daughter's birthday. There are, however, many more details that can be involved. From the candle lighting ceremony, to organization of dances, speeches, dining, etc. With Fired Up Entertainment, you'll have access to our proprietary sweet 16 party scheduling services that no other DJ in MD, WV, or PA can offer you. Whether you want every detail nailed down, or just a general "timeline" of how the night should go... we'll be able to help plan your sweet 16 party to be a success.

    From the best (clean/radio-friendly) music, uplighting, dance floor lighting, and emcee services... Fired Up Entertainment is the highest-rated DJ service for sweet 16 parties around Hagerstown, Greencastle, Chambersburg, Gettysburg, Martinsburg, and all areas in between.

    Call Fired Up Entertainment today at (866) 479-0500. Let's help make your baby's sweet 16 party a memory you'll both remember forever!

  • New Years Eve Party DJ - available in Chambersburg, PA and the surrounding areas.

    DJ For New Years Eve Party

    If you're hosting a New Years Eve Party this year, you've likely already put a lot of work into it. From inviting guests, to planning food, refreshments, and entertainment. Ensure you're party is the one to be talked about - contact Fired Up Entertainment!

    From our vast music library of 80,000+ song titles (growing each week), to dance floor lighting, and entertainment for your guests... you'll be happy to have chosen us as the DJ for your New Years Eve party. Our proprietary planning process and software ensure that every important detail will be covered and planned out. From playlists of songs, to requests, announcements, and the ever-important countdown to the new year. Get your New Years Eve party rockin' with Fired Up Entertainment!

    Let's chat! Give us a jingle at (866) 479-0500... or click here to submit a request for DJ services.

  • Christmas and holiday party DJ - serving the tri-state area.

    Christmas/Holiday Party DJ In MD/PA/WV

    Call it a Christmas Party. Call It A Holiday Party. Whichever is your style, Fired Up Entertainment is the top local DJ service to choose!

    Depending on your preferences, the style and aura of your Christmas/Holiday party can vary greatly. For some, it's an elegant affair where a great selection of traditional and jazz-based Christmas music makes for an appropriate evening. For others, rook n' roll and dance versions of these songs work best. For others still, Christmas music is the last thing they want to hear and just want a reason to party! Trust Fired Up Entertainment as the DJ specialist in the area to match the music, visual lighting, and entertainment services to the needs of your party!

    The holiday season is in high demand for our service. Contact us today at (866) 479-0500 to confirm we're available for your party date, and to discuss the DJ services that will make your party the hit of the year!

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