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What types of events do you perform at?
Many - and each has been rewarding for us, and our clients. Weddings are a most popular event for our DJ services. Birthday parties (frm ages 10 to 80) and sweet sixteen events are also common. Our DJ services work well for any type of party as well From night clubs, to high school proms, middle/elementary school dances, pool parties, and holiday parties (new years eve, Christmas, Halloween, valentines). Fired Up Entertainment has provided professional DJ services for alumni events, sporting events, corporate events, fund raisers, bar entertainment, and group/association events. If your gathering needs music, entertainment, and/or lighting… Fired Up is the leading DJ service in the area to choose!
Do you offer lighting?
Yes! We offer a wide variety of lighting options, from elegant uplighting to party-time laser lights an sound-responsive dance floor lighting. With lighting, our goal is to enhance your room with lighting options that are appealing, appropriate, clean and tidy.
Can you provide music outdoors?
Certainly! Our sound system sounds great outdoors. From small, intimate gatherings to block-parties. We simply need access to a power outlet. We'll have plenty of heavy-duty extension cords to run to our equipment. Additionally, we'll need protection from rain/direct sunlight/etc. These can be very damaging to our equipment. If your event has a tent or patio for us to work under, perfect! Otherwise, we'll bring our own tent for coverage. All of these details are reviewed prior to your event, so everything goes smoothly. We don't just "show up" and hope there aren't any problems. Our planning process ensures the music and entertainment for your event runs smoothly.
I want you to get the crowd hyped, OR I want a laid-back DJ. Can you adjust your approach to accommodate me?
Certainly! Every event we do is different, so our approach will be different. The "hype man" approach may work well at your summer bash party, but not so well at your grandfather's 80th birthday party. We adjust our approach based on your desires, and the situation.
What time do you arrive to set up?
We arrive 90 minutes prior to our start time. Sometimes longer for more complex setups with lighting involved. We typically do not need this much time, but it gives us a buffer. Traffic/stuck elevators/etc. can cause unplanned delays. We'd rather be an hour early than a minute late.
How much music will you bring with you?
All of it, literally. Our music library consists of over 80,000 high-quality, 320 kbps crisp music files, covering all genres of music, from the 1940's to today's hit music. Additionally, we utilize various music and do subscription services that allow us to get music on the spot" if something, somehow, isn't in our library. You'll always hear the music you want with Fired Up Entertainment!
Do you take breaks? If so, how many?
None. We keep the music playing continually. This is another benefit of hiring a DJ for your event instead of a band. There are no "breaks between sets" or "dead air" time between songs.
Can I give you a “Do Not Play” List?
Absolutely! Any song you do not want played, will not be played.
Do you provide clean versions of songs?
Yes! Along with the original edits of songs, we have radio-edit versions to ensure the music is appropriate for general listening.
What areas do you provide mobile DJ services in?
Based in Hagerstown, MD and Waynesboro, PA - we cover the surrounding areas and cities. In Maryland, this includes Frederick, Clear Spring, Williamsport, Smithsburg, Walkersville, Urbana, and Mount Airy. In Pennsylvania, we frequently work in Chambersburg, Gettysburg, Mechanicsburg, Shippensburg, and Mercersburg. In West Virginia, we work in Martinsburg, Falling Waters, an the surrounding areas.
Do you provide a written agreement?
Absolutely! It's extremely important to have your service agreed upon, and confirmed in writing. Our one-page agreement is simple, and guarantees our DJ services for your event. We never suggest booking a DJ (or any provider for your event) without a written agreement.
Do you have liability insurance?
Absolutely! You should never hire a DJ that doesn't! Depending on your venue, it likely is a requirement for the DJ to perform there.
What types of music do you have available?
Fired Up Entertainment has an enormous library of over 80.000, covering all genre's and ages (including international music). This library is updated weekly, to ensure we provide the songs you and your guests want to hear. Not only the original edits of songs, but clean versions and remixes as well.
Will you bring backup equipment?
Absolutely - any DJ should! When we arrive, we bring a back-up of every piece of equipment, cable, music and lighting. Anything can happen at any time. Many DJ's arrive in a car tat simply cannot hold the extra equipment they claim to have. With Fired Up, we'll arrive with our customized DJ box trailer - prepared for any mishap that could occur.
What if you get sick on the day of my event, or something comes up?
Great question to ask. With Fired Up Entertainment, a backup DJ is on call for every event. No matter what circumstance could occur, you'll know that Fired Up will deliver a good time and good music, without excuses.
Where's the best place to set up the DJ equipment?
The best location would be in front of the dance floor. The farther we are from the dance floor, the louder the music would need to be. Additionally, it's best not to have any seating tables between our setup and the dance floor. Their ears will thank you.
How do I contact you to discuss dates and rates for your DJ service?
Simple! Call us directly at (866) 479-0500 anytime! Or, visit our contact page to send an email, or follow us on Facebook.
What does a "4 hour DJ package" cost?
We do not have a "package" approach to our service, it simply isn't the best approach. Every event is unique and different. From the location, to the timeline, to music and lighting. Our rates are completely customized to your specific event.
How do you charge?
Our rates are based on 3 main factors. The services we're providing (music only, lighting, entertainment), the amount of time we're providing service, and the month/day of your event. This ensures fairness and consistency in our pricing. We won't "jack up our price" because your event is located at an expensive venue.
Why do you cost more than some DJs?
Why does your caterer charge more than Dominos? The old saying "you get what you pay for" truly applies to this industry. Generally, our pricing comes out on the low-mid end of averages. We're not the cheapest, and certainly not the most expensive. So, when you get a lower price quote, you need to ask "what is being left out?".
Why do you cost less than some DJs?
There can be several factors for this. The first can be overhead costs. When looking into a DJ service with a dozen different DJ's to choose from, there are additional costs built in to providing that style of service. For example, managing all of the DJ's, increased insurance rates, larger storage areas for equipment, etc. Typically, you're paying more so that company can support being bigger... and that's about it. A second reason can be the source of how you found the DJ. For example, using an agency to hire a DJ can make it "easier" on you. However, who pays the agency? That's right, you in the end. Typically, only 60-70% of the rate charge goes to t actual DJ service when you book through an agency. The remaining money is what the agency charges for their "service". A final reason, simply put, is greed. Some people get into the DJ business strictly to make money, and overcharge for the services the provide. Obviously, we want to make a profit for our efforts. However, we're in this business because of passion. WE love music. We love entertaining. Most importantly, we love seeing you happy throughout your event.
Should I tip a DJ?
The choice is completely up to you. Like any service-based industry, tipping is a nice way to say you appreciate a job well done. The amount of the tip is also up to you. 15-20% typically is the average amount.
Can we use a credit card to pay for your services?
Sure! We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. We also accept PayPal payments as well!
Why should we use a music DJ instead of a live band?
Even the best of live bands have limitations, where a DJ can be a better choice for your wedding. Here are a few thoughts to consider:
Live Band Limitations DJ Advantages
Limited amount of songs they can play Has over 80,000 song titles, and the ability to capture additional music "on the fly"
Songs never sound just like the original DJs can play the original song that your guests know
Music stops when the band takes a break Music never stops, continual entertainment
Volume level can be difficult to control (too loud/too soft) DJ controls the volume to be appropriate for the venue/need
Does it really matter which DJ I hire?
It will be one of the most important decisions you make. You've likely seen the survey results before. 4 out of 5 wedding guest report the entertainment being the thing they remember most. 80% of brides wished they had made entertainment a higher priority in their planning and budgeting.
How far in advance of my wedding should I book a DJ?
It's recommended to select your wedding DJ once you have confirmed your date. Very similar to booking a caterer or photographer. The best DJ's are booked early on, to ensure they are available.
Who selects the music played at my wedding?
We both do! In most cases, During our setup process, we'll gather the types/genres of music you want to hear, as well as a few of your favorite artists/songs. We'll also gather any songs you "absolutely must play", and songs you "definitely do not want played". We'll base the music around your preferences, and requests from guests (if permitted).
Can you perform the announcements at the wedding?
We'd be thrilled to! During our setup process, we'll review these details to know what planned announcements we'll be involved with. Rest assured, we'll only get on the mic when needed. You won't hear us plugging our business to your guests. The day is about you.
Can you provide music during the dinner or cocktail hour?
You bet! Music during your cocktail hour/dinner is a wonderful way to create a nice atmosphere. We can recommend various types of music for these sections of your wedding. Music that is pleasing, and softer in volume so your guests can easily talk amongst themselves. Jazz, big band and classical music are usually "go-to's" for these times. Of course, we can customize an entire playlist of music for your dinner or cocktail hour based on your preferences!
Can you provide music during our wedding ceremony?
Yes! We can provide all music for your ceremony. This includes the prelude, processional, and recessional pieces. We utilize a separate, portable system that works very well for ceremonial music.
Do you supply a wireless/cordless microphone?
Yes! We'll bring a high-quality wireless mic system to your wedding. Great for toasts, blessings, and announcements. Additionally, the wireless mic can be used at the table where your guests are, so they do not have to leave their spots or stand with the DJ. Additionally, we'll have a wired mic connected to our sound system for any announcements you would like us to make.
Will you take song requests from our guests?
Yes, no, and it depends. During our setup process, you'll tell us if we should take song requests or not. If so, we'll still match those requests to any "do not play" songs you've given us. This ensures everyone is happy.
Am I responsible for proving a meal for the DJ?
The choice is completely up to you. It is customary to provide the service providers at your reception with a meal. If you will not be providing a meal, it's best to tell them in advance so they can make other arrangements for food.
What will you be wearing at my wedding/reception?
Generally, a dark grey or black suit is the standard apparel we wear to weddings. If your reception is less formal, we can certainly adjust to your needs. We want to blend seamlessly into the background of any photos taken. We never want to appear more formal than the groom or wedding party.
There will be a wide range of people at my wedding. How will you play music that everyone will like?
That's exactly what Fired Up does! Knowing how to mix music together, across various genres of music, is the sign of true DJ skill. Like one of our clients said… "You did a great job keeping everyone on the dance floor from the ages of 2 to 78!"
My wedding is in a city outside of your service area. Do you travel?
We do travel, on a case-by-case basis. Please call us at (866) 479-0500 to see if we are available to travel on your wedding date. Depending on distance there may be an additional travel charge.
Will you be drinking during the wedding?
No way. It’s against our company policy.
What will you be wearing at my wedding/reception?
Generally, a dark grey or black suit is the standard apparel we wear to weddings. If your reception is less formal, we can certainly adjust to your needs. We want to blend seamlessly into the background of any photos taken. We never want to appear more formal than the groom or wedding party.
How much advertising will you do at my wedding?
Done. Your wedding is not an infomercial for our company. We do carry business cards with us, to give to any guests that approach us about services. That's it.
Our guests are from different ethnic backgrounds - do you have a variety of traditional music?
With over 80,000 songs in our music library, we have you covered. Our collection covers all genres of music (including international), and ranges from the 1940's to today's hits. Additionally, we utilize various music and DJ subscription services, which gives us access to virtually all commercial music in print. We can even take music from your collection if, somehow, we were unable to capture it.
We'd like a friend/family member to sing a couple of songs at our wedding reception. Is this possible?
Certainly! We'll have a wireless (or wired) microphone for your guest to use, and will adjust the sound system to their voice. This way, your guest will not be "overly" loud or soft. Your guest can sing acapella (without music), or we can play the background music to the song while they sign over it. In many cases, well have an instrumental version of the song - so their voice isn't competing with the original singer.