Not a Karaoke DJ, Or Karaoke Crowd...

If you've worked to promote your bar, you've likely worked with local karaoke DJ's in the area. While great at bringing a routine following to your bar on a weekly basis... how profitable has it been for you? Typically seeing customers who buy soda/water... and that's it? Looking for something better, and more profitable? Contact Fired Up Entertainment today at (866) 479-0500. Let us share our uniquely-marketed approach to driving paying customers through your door!

Get Fired Up!
DJ service for bars throughout Pennsylvania - including Chambersburg and Gettysburg, PA.
  • Reach
    New People

    There's plenty of money spent in local bars every night of the week. Get more of it in your bar!

  • Keep Them

    Keep your guests upbeat and having fun. They'll keep coming back to you.

  • Energy

    Keep your guests upbeat and having fun. They'll keep coming back to you.

  • Engaging

    We're much more than a jukebox. Your patrons will love the entertainment and music we provide.

Let's fill your establishment
with paying customers!

  • The music we DJ in bars


    Music is a crucial party to making a DJ service work well with your bar and it's patrons. Not only having the music, but knowing how an when to use it.

    With over 80,000 song titles in our music library (updated every week), Fired Up Entertainment has the music your patrons want to hear!

  • Entertainment for bar customers


    Keep your guests engaged and having a blast all night long! We provide all types of different games, trivia, and contests that incorporate your patrons into the fun!

  • Prizes we give away at bar events


    With every great game, there needs to be a prize. It's amazing how a T-Shirt giveaway for a game winner will get your patrons eager to play and excited to win. Happy customers keep coming back for more!

  • Karaoke

    Sure, we do it. Sure, we have it. We're not the biggest fans of it, but we can if that is the crowd your bar attracts.

  • Promotion

    A KEY difference with Fired Up Entertainment is the promotion we do with our events at your bar. Every ban and DJ will tell you they're going to share the event on their Facebook page to all of their fans. That's not going to do much of anything (you can read more on why here (LINK TO

    Instead, we utilize various social-media marketing strategies to promote the event to people in your geographic area, who are going to other bars and establishments besides yours! 5,000+ people typically see the marketing efforts we push our events.

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