DJ For Wedding Ceremony

Do I Need A DJ For My Wedding Ceremony?


In most cases, music is a natural component of the wedding ceremony. Whether it’s in the form of live musicians, or a DJ, the ceremony music adds to the ambiance of your ceremony.

I was scouring over various wedding forums and found a few interesting questions and comments in regards to the ceremony music. Specifically, if a DJ was needed for the ceremony?

So, let’s take a fair look at that question…

Do you REALLY need a DJ to perform at your wedding ceremony?


When To Use A DJ For Your Wedding Ceremony Music

  • An adequate sound system isn’t available in the location of your ceremony – Your guests certainly won’t music coming out of your iPod – you need a sound system to disburse the music to them!
  • Wireless microphones aren’t available – Regardless of how “cozy” and “quaint” the ceremony may be, your guests will still need to hear the officiant. This is especially true for a ceremony held outdoors. A small amount of wind can make it hard for your guests to hear.
  • Entrances for the bridal party require specific timings – This one is easy to overlook. Suppose your bridal party make their entrance as a song is played. What happens when they take longer to come out than the song plays for? Silence? The song is played again? Or (worse yet) – the next song in a playlist starts playing and messes up the bride’s entrance. For this fact alone, a wedding DJ will be a great resource to use. The professional DJ will pre-plan for this, and have the ability to loop the song (or a portion of it) as necessary, or make plans for a secondary song to play if the bridal party entrances extend past the song duration.
  • Song Queuing – The processional song you choose may have an intro. Or, you may have a specific part of the song that you want playing as you enter. How would this be handled without a DJ?


Other Benefits A DJ Provides At Your Ceremony

  • Wireless Microphones – to ensure your guests can hear the ceremony.
  • Orchestrated Timings – of entrances, precession, recession.
  • Pre-Ceremony Music – Music playing prior to the ceremony, as your guests arrive.
  • One point of Contact – . With so many working parts involved in making your wedding day a success, sometimes it’s simply worth investing into a DJ to you’re your ceremony music, and to avoid multiple people doing different parts.


When You Don’t Need A DJ For Your Ceremony

  • Your ceremony is in a church, that will be playing music through an organ.
  • The venue has a speaker system (designed for music (not just spoken dialogue), and is capable to handle your needs), and offers someone to man a device to play your ceremony music at the proper times


Other Options For Your Wedding Ceremony Music

  • A Musician (flute/ violin/guitar) or a Trio/Quartet of musicians
  • Do It Yourself – renting equipment and/or playing through a device (likely more expensive than a DJ)
  • No Music At All (not recommended)


How do you plan to handle the music during your wedding ceremony? Leave your comments below!



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